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Blogging for Online Success1a


Blogging for Online Success

“Blogging is a conversation, not a code.” ~ Mike Butcher

Blogs are a great medium to express yourself, getting involved with an online community, pass of valuable information, teaching newbies, and how-to tutorials.

Types of Blogs can be:

  1. Academic – A great way to maximize the impact your blog with a blog series.  Breaking your blog into parts will help build anticipation for your next post and improves your SEO, if you link to posts the organic way.
  2. Branding – This type of blogger that has a long term goal of making money from their blogs. Here you will find a targeted blog on a single area of expertise.
  3. Business – You can be a guest blogger to build massive a massive audience.   Here outside experts contribute to your blog which gives you fresh content to your blogs.
  4. Commentary – Interviews are a great way to take the pressure off of your to create content.   You can get a fresh perspective from industry leaders, potential clients, and your satisfied clients.
  5. Journals – These blogs are usually set in a narrative style.  This blogger will post on regular posting schedules.
  6. Microblogs – Posting of small pieces of content, which can be less time-consuming than regular blogs.  An example of this is Twitter.
  7. Photoblogs – These blogs contain photos and are maintained by photographers.
  8. Promotional – Bloggers use promotional blogs only for the purpose of selling a new book or to increase awareness of a unique product that their readers will remember.
  9. Vlogo – These blogs contain videos rather than a written blog.   Embed your videos in an article on your own blog, which will really attract a larger audience.


Why Do People Blog

  • Sharing a passion and being creative – These bloggers demonstrate an enthusiasm for a variety of blogs subjects.  Pinterest is a great place to get visual inspiration and to be creative.
  • Enjoyment of writing content – Here you can write to your ideal client.  Your audience will find your topics appeal to them and they will be waiting for more.
  • Connecting with other people – Be sure to write to a broad audience in which your blogs will appeal to a large audience.
  • Sharing your expertise – This is a wonderful way for continuous learning on a certain subject.  We all need to keep up with the latest changes in our high-tech world.


Tips for Blogging

  1. Check around on different websites to see the blog categories to get an idea on what blogs attract your ideal clients.
  2. After you create your blog be sure to have a person read your blog to get feedback before you post it.
  3. There are pros and cons to free and paid blog websites.  For more information be sure to check my blog, “Attract More Clients with a Blog,” at http://blog.youraceassistant.com/2015/02/attraction-marketing-new-clients/
  4. Popular blogs help with specific problems that give advice in which it attracts a large audience.
  5. Images help personalize your blog and will help you be unique and help your business stand out from the crowd.
  6. Be sure to use certain keywords, used throughout your blog, for browsers to direct specific blogs to your audience.
  7. Schedule your blog posts during business hours in order to attract a larger audience.
  8. Be consistent when blogging, like a couple times a week or two times a month.
  9. Try to have your blogs coincide with events connected to your subject matter.
  10. Use infographics to help you write a blog when you have writer’s block.
  11. Repurpose your blogs during the year to attract more possible clients and new followers to your blogs.



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