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Why are Webinar’s Important?

A webinar is a seminar or training presented over the Internet for online training to an audience.  In the past they were once called a web conference, an internet meeting, or a web seminar.   Webinar’s can be only audio presentations, audio-video conferencing, and web-based streaming services.

Webinar’s are used for:

  • Awareness and Ideas
  • Products and Teaching
  • Relationship Building
  • Profit and Income
  • List Building and Audience Creation

Webinar’s are important to a business for the following reasons:

Awareness and Ideas

  • Webinar’s are available 24/7 for prospective leads to view over the world.
  • It can be used to present polls and questionnaires to the audience.

 Products and Teaching

  • It increases attendance levels for your training events and social gathering.
  • Web-based seminars are more cost-effective for attendances for vs. travel expenses.

 Relationship Building

  • It builds long-lasting relationships with your attendees.
  • Reinforces a personal bond with your clients.
  • Association coffee chats.

 Profit and Income

  • Webinar’s can maximize the sales of your product and sales.
  • They helps enhance your business brand name and help show you as an expert.
  • Webinar’s allow you to deliver your message and build the relationships, which are different from the audience we have with a written blog.

List Building and Audience Creation

  • Webinar’s can be recorded for later playback for your audience.
  • With webinar’s, you can receive real-time feedback from your audience.
  • When you write a blog post, you have to wait and see if anybody cares enough to post a comment. And, in most cases, they won’t.


How to create an impressive webinar at http://webinar-howto.com/why-should-you-use-a-webinar-for-your-business/

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