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Experience, Knowledge and Talent

Experience, Knowledge and Talent

Steps to Expand Your Business Network

“Networking is marketing.  Marketing yourself, marketing your uniqueness, marketing what you stand for.” ~Christine Comaford-Lynch

Effective business networking is connect with like-minded business professionals, in which we build a trust through relationships where we can see a need to support each other.

Life of an entrepreneur can sometimes be lonely, so expand your circle with your ideal clients.

Networking in a business community can be through Meet-Up Groups, Business Associations, BNI, eWomen Network, Seminars, Lectures, Public Meetings, Breakfast Networking Clubs, Hospitality Events, Conventions, and local Chambers of Commerce.

Supercharge the way you build business relationships.

Consider these ten essential principles:

  1. An elevator speech – Describe yourself.
  2. Be different – Differentiate yourself.
  3. Help others – Find out how to support others.
  4. Personal integrity – Trust, integrity, and reputation are vital for networking
  5. Relevant targeting – Seek relevant groups and connections
  6. Plans and aims – Plan your networking.  Strategically play what you want.
  7. Follow-up – Follow up with your meeting referrals do make things happen.
  8. Be positive – Your positive influence will reflect on everything you do.
  9. Sustained focused effort – Be focused on networking with others.
  10. Life balance – Focus on being balanced and grounded, which builds assurance

There is no magic formula to networking.  Just a positive attitude about building relationship’s and a willingness to learn from others.  Developing business relationships can improve your life and your career, and your goals.

After your daily, weekly, or monthly networking be sure to create networking categories.

Your database

List your contacts.  Think about listing their name, birthday, their business name, business contact information, when you contacted them on their social media platforms, and your follow-up responses.

Your Network Circle

This can be a simple, quick list of your business contacts of your clients and possible clients, with their business needs and follow-up action items.

Your Inner Circle

This can be a small group of people you trust who can give you direct feedback about your career and ideas to advance your business.  I found out that a survey from surveymonkey.com can also give you an honest thoughts about your business.

Your Family

The obvious group of people who like you and will be most judgmental of your business. Be sure to include them in your business and they will be happy to help you.


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