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Time Management Tips for Virtual Assistants

A highly successful virtual assistant will need to use time management to strategically plan their business day to stay on task with their clients.  Success is a learned skill, which requires continual lessons about organizational skills, time management, and project management.

 Here are some tips to successful time management success:

  • Take a time management class to better ways to organize, prioritize and schedule your day.
  •  Daily, set aside a specific periods of time to complete specific tasks, like your social media sites.
  •  Record your thoughts conversations and activities for a week.
  •  Before a phone call decide what the results you want at that time or can it be rescheduled for another time.   I seem to have a lot of unwanted sales calls during the day.
  •  Use online calendars to organize your work day.
  •  Schedule time for interruptions and take much needed time for meals.
  •  Remember to have a “Do Not Disturb” door sign for your family members, so you won’t be disturbed.


Time management


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