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Four Steps to Schedule Your Busy Life

Achieve Your Work Balance.

Achieve Your Work Balance.

“We all have different skill sets, interests, concentration cycles, and energy levels. The key is to find out how long it really takes YOU to do the things you need to do and move away from wishful thinking.” ― Julie Morgenstern

Take control of your schedule and your life with mind mapping. Achieving a balance with a hectic schedule means that you need to divide your work and leisure time into the right proportions.

Four Tools to Help Schedule Your Busy Schedule:

  • A time map. A time map is a schedule template that will help you achieve your ideal
    life balance. This proactive positive tool will help you with your daily, weekly, and
    monthly schedule for your social media networks blogs, marketing campaigns, and
  • The iMindMap software is for all price levels and has multi-user licenses.
  • Use mind management techniques that uses a task management software.
  • Timesheet Template for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets.

Mind Mapping Your Schedule

The Daily To Do List

I know that everyone wishes that they had time to do everything on their to-do list.
You could daydream about having this capability if you watch the weekly show #Limitless
on the CBS TV channel. The character, Brian, takes a special pill so he can use the full extent of his brain’s capabilities.

An example of a time map is a kindergarten classroom model. Children have scheduled
activity zones that keeps all related tasks together.

Ideas on Setting up a Mind Map

  • Set up activity zones that corresponds to your life categories and that contains all the
    tasks on your to-do lists. Take control of your schedule and your life. Your mind map
    activities will support your life categories. Some examples of activity zones that
    could be set up are self, family, work, finances, education, leisure time, and community
  • Setting up a time map is like a puzzle setting up activities to your satisfaction.
    After you set up your time map follow it for several weeks to see how it feels, then if
    needed you can make adjustments.

Julie Morgenstern, a Time Management Expert

From Julie’s book,“Time Management from the Inside Out,” she says that
“Identifying and creating spaces for general routines does two things:

(1) It allows you to see whether or not you’ve actually made sufficient time available for all categories.
(2) It allows you to see the cyclical nature of your time and realize that it’s much
less erratic than you might otherwise assume.

For those with more varied schedules, like teachers or consultants, it’s easy to design updated time maps as needed, says Julie Morgenstern. Also, during the work day, in the middle of a task, do not stop to answer your phone call or answer an email. Little interruptions like these takes us up to 20 minutes to regain the same level of concentration that we had for the previous

Time Management

Time Management

My Resource’s to Share:

Julie Morgenstern’s Time Map Templates Library
I met Julie during an International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)
chapter meeting. She is an IAAP influential followers.

Also, here is her profile,  Click the link to view:

Task Management Software

Click the link to view:

A Time sheet Template for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Sheets

Click the link to view:

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What is your favorite time management tool to schedule your busy life?


Strategic Time Management

Strategic Time Management

Success is a learnable skill.

Success is a learnable skill.

A highly successful small business owner and an entrepreneur will need to use time management to strategically plan their business day to stay on task.  The trick is to follow through on those daily priorities.  Success is a skill, which requires continual learning about topics like organizational skills, time management, and project management.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) can offer relief with administrative support. He or she is a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services

Here are some tips to strategic time management success:

  1. Arrive early at work, if your commute, before your team arrives to work without interruption.
  • Get organized and plan the work day; task your Virtual Assistant for assistance.
  • Prioritize your tasks for the day, and possibly the week.
  • Check your email for unexpected tasks for urgency, then task your Virtual Assistant to complete the task.
  • Clear up unfinished tasks from the previous day.
  • Plan your upcoming projects.
  • Start writing your reports with your clear thoughts before the reminders flood your head.
  1. Daily, set aside a specific periods of time to complete specific tasks.
  • Phone calls to your customers, prospects, or to return call.
  • Task your Virtual Assistant to check email message and reply for you, when needed.
  • Your Virtual Assistant can set up meeting reminders on your calendar.
  • Create new blogs and post them regularly.
  1. Use of an online calendars, like OneNote and/or Evernote, and possibly a personal day planner, like Franklin Covey, to organize your work day.
  • OneNote simplifies note taking, organizing your notes, and sharing them. Capture text, images, video, and audio notes and search your notes fast. See OneNote at
  • My Group Calendar – Explore how OneNote simplifies note taking, organizing your notes, and sharing them. Capture text, images, video, and audio notes and search your notes fast. Go to
  • Evernote helps you remember and act upon ideas, projects and experiences across all the computers, phones and tablets you use. See Evernote at
  • Franklin Covey is one of my favorite day planners. They now have PlanPlusOnlne which can assist your entire team to higher productivity levels.  A free trial is available.
  1. Working an hour after your team has gone home, to work without interruption.
  • Clear up problems that occurred that day or schedule them for the next day.
  • Catch up on your correspondence that was waiting in your inbox.

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