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Three Steps to Job Empowerment


Three Steps to Job Empowerment

by Cora Belle Marburger

“An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success.” ~ Stephen Covey

Job empowerment is the authority, influence, strength, energy, and control that makes you believe that you can do anything.

 How to Feel Empowered for Your Job:

1. Distinguish Between Task and Responsibilities

  • A comprehensive list of responsibilities provides the person with a larger view of the job.
  • People feel more freedom and purpose with a larger prospective of the job duties.
  • Conscious creation is when you are pro-active in the process of creating what you want.

2. Building Pride through Responsibility

  • A person needs to feel a sense of power in his/her job.
  • Pride in themselves and in the company is most important.
  • Pride in your job creates a desire to succeed and to draw on upon untapped inner resources.
  • Give that person a sense of responsibility by helping them know that their job is important to the company.

3. Prioritize Responsibilities

  • When the job priorities change, be sure to review the changes with your client and understand why they changed.
  • The primary consideration should be that the work has to be done and how to accomplish it most effectively.
  • Power comes from knowing what to do, knowing when to do it, and doing it in the correct sequence.

In conclusion, when you distinguish between your task and responsibilities, building pride through responsibility, and prioritize responsibilities you are empowering yourself to a have the authority, influence, strength, energy, and the control that makes you believe that you can do anything.


16-Steps for Discovery and Empowerment

I was doing some research on the subject of job empowerment and I found “this link by Charlotte Kasi, MA, PhD.   I just love her phase, “The 16-step model encourages people to use this or any other model as a springboard to find their own voice.   And while it is crucial to acknowledge the power of addiction, this model helps people affirm the power they do have to take charge of their lives and overcome addiction.

Empowerment: How to Feel Less Powerless

My Thoughts:

Within this blog I wanted to express my feelings about having a purpose and a freedom as a Virtual Assistant vs. an Executive Assistant.   I feel that I am now empowered to complete the tasks I am given by my clients without being micromanaged.    This gives me a feeling of respect and freedom to be happy with my business and assisting people with their business tasks.

My Personal Story:

Many years ago when I was an Executive Assistant working with several Vice Presidents in corporate job was always wanted the freedom to complete my daily job without micro-managers breathing down my neck.   I would happily listen to my added tasks for the day, then go to my office to complete them.   My new priorities for that day did not bother me, but the people that seemed to want to micromanage me did bother me.

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