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Eight Reasons to Celebrate Administrative Professional’s Week

This is the perfect opportunity for employers to say “thank you” to their administrative person.

This is the perfect opportunity for employers to say “thank you” to their administrative person.

“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” — John W. Gardner

I have always enjoyed the Administrative Professionals Week.  This is the perfect opportunity for employers to say “thank you” to their administrative person.  They are organized and efficient person that keeps the office runs smoothly.   The administrative professionals are the gatekeepers of a department.

The first National Secretaries Day was observed in June 1952.  In 2000, the name was changed to Administrative Professionals Day/Week and the date was moved to the last full week of April, just in time for spring flowers.

The Administrative Professionals Week has evolved into a wonderful day to recognize the work of an AA, EA, PA, or VA.   Expressing appreciation for your Administrative Professionals, as well as your entire workforce, not only rewards employees for a job well done, but also aids in engaging your employees to serve your organization’s best interest. It does not have to take a lot of money or time to show true appreciation to your team.

I am so happy that this day is still recognized as a special day and throughout the week.  Yes, the administrative professional’s boss can show their respect and value during the year in many ways, because they know that their admins work hard to show their loyalty their boss and to the company.  As an executive assistant, I was thanked for my support to the department on a monthly basis, with signed cards, flowers, email messages, and special dinners with me included within departments I supported.  A simple “Thank You” card to remind me that my work was vital to the success of the organization.

I have always valued for my administrative training and advanced skills, so I could support my department.  Being valued with a personal thank you, for assisting another EA Administrative Professional your department with their extra tasks, for the day, was very meaningful to me.


Special Ways to Show Your Appreciation:

  1. Have a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to their office and don’t forget to take a picture of that moment
  2. Show your appreciation for your administrative professionals in a newsletter
  3. Send eCards through your employee recognition platform
  4. Provide a catered lunch and publicly recognize your support team with a special “Happy Administrative Professionals Day” card on the door.
  5. Write a LinkedIn recommendation for your team
  6. Send them an image quote that shows your appreciation of their assistance
  7. Gratitude posts in all social media platforms
  8. Offer On-The-Spot recognition using Instant Award Cards

I am really looking forward to Administrative Professionals Day 4/26/17.

Another quote I think fits the Administrative Professionals Day.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”~ Colin L. Powell


Five Ways to Show Your Appreciation on Administrative Professionals Day

Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day Like a Boss

Celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Day Like A Boss

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Four Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

Four Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

Four Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” ― Charles M. Schulz

National pet day was founded to celebrate the joy of adopting, owning and caring for a pet. People adore their pets, so this is a great day to celebrate national pet day and to show off your pet pictures. I am displaying pictures of my funny dogs in this image quote.

Four Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day

  • Visit your local animal shelter and pet rescue groups. Donate your time and volunteer to care for these animals.
  • Join public Facebook Animal Groups like The Animal Kingdom Alliance to share, learn and get involved with efforts to support animal businesses of all kinds for all animal categories from domestic pets to animals in captivity.
  • A great way to celebrate National Pet Day is to take pictures of your pets and post them on your social media platforms. Create some funny pet photos to share with others.
  • Take your pets to visit the elderly, if allowed by the facility.

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How did you celebrate national pet day today?