Steps to Make Your Office User-Friendly

Office Organization

Office Organization

An organized office is a definite must for an office professional!

Here are some easy ideas to assist you:
• Develop a Manageable Filing System
Use a variety of desktop organizers or trays to organize papers that come across your desk.
Use storage boxes to store dated files.
Create a file for magazine articles or scan them into your computer.
Color-coding your files makes it faster to find information.

• Develop General Organizational Tips
Pre-Sort the mail: To-File, To-Read, To-Contact (write or call).
Keep essential items on your desktop.
Clean out each desk drawer, to free up even more valuable storage space.
Create a separate drawer for personal paperwork, items, etc.
If you work with more than one person create an in box for each person.

• Develop Information Management
Have a master to-do list for each day at your desk.
Empty workspace of everything but the project you’re working on to cut down on distractions.
Straighten desk at the end of the day and especially at the end of the week so that you can start each morning with a clear desk.

• Set Up Priorities
Return calls in batches. Leave specific messages and the time you called if the person you’re trying to reach isn’t available.
At the end of each project or event, organize paperwork and file or store it.

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